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Ancillary Equipment
Air Compressors (High Pressure), Bottle inspector, Capsule distributor, Depalletizer for glass bottles, Drying tunnel, Glass bottles filler for W&SD, Heating and cooling unit for moulds and dies, Labelling machine for glass bottle, Mould and die cleaning equipment, Other Machines for Drinks, Packing machine for glass bottles, Palletizer for cases, Unpacker for glass bottles, Washing machine for glass bottles

Blow Moulding Machinery for PET
Injection stretch blow moulding machines for PET bottles, Stretch blow moulding machines, Bottle & Liquid Preparation, Depalletizer (PET), Unscrambler

Pasteurization Tunnels
Pasteurizer for liquids
Syrup Room

Complete filling lines
Edible oil filling lines, Wines and spirits filling lines, Complete filling lines for carbonated soft-drinks, Complete Can filling lines, Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks, Complete filling lines for non-carbonated soft-drinks, Complete Non-carbonated Aseptic Filling Line for drinks, Complete Non-carbonated Filling Line for drinks, Complete filling lines for water, Complete filling line for fountain water (19 L), Complete PET filling line for sparkling water, Complete PET filling line for still water, Complete glass filling line, Complete glass filling lines

Filling proccess
Capping machine for PET bottles, Monobloc rinser filler capper, PET Filler for W&SD, Washing-rinsing machine

Injection Moulding Machines for Packaging
Injection moulding machine for food and beverages caps, Injection moulding machine for preforms, Thin wall containers injection, Injection Moulding Moulds, Moulds for Closures

Labelling & Packaging
Handle applicator, PET labelling machine, Shrink Wrapper for PET bottles, Sleever for PET bottles, Palletizing, Pallet wrapper, Palletizer, Palletizer for empty bottles

Rotary compression moulding press